Accuflex Creation 65 Golf Shaft
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Product Description

Accuflex Creation 65 Golf Shaft

The new Accuflex Creation 65 shaft features a unique long "butt" parallel section that tapers quickly in the bottom portion of the shaft. The Long "butt" taper stores the created energy longer, while the quick taper at the end acts as a "hinge" that enables optimal unloading of the shaft at impact, creating a higher launch angle, with decreased back spin.

This new shaft profile, combined with our proprietary NANOMET technology, NanoMetal Polymer Composites, allows us to push the shaft design limits, with precise weight distribution and variable bending properties through the shafts profile, to accomplish a super stable shaft that has unmatched feel, dispersion and distance producing characteristics. Each Shaft is finished in Japan with a rich ION coating.

Shaft Weight Torque Butt Diameter Tip Diameter Flex Point Launch
Length Color Swing Speed
Accuflex Creation 65 Regular 65 3.2 0.600" 0.335" High Low Mid-Low 46" Silver 88mph to 100mph
Accuflex Creation 65 Stiff 65 3.2 0.600" 0.335" High Low Mid-Low 46" Silver 98mph to 110mph
Accuflex Creation 65 X-Stiff 65 3.2 0.600" 0.335" High Low Mid-Low 46" Silver 108mph to 120mph

TIP TRIMMING (then butt trim to final length)

Wood Shaft #1 #3 #5 #7
ALL 0" 1/2 1 1 1/2

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