Accuflex Evolution Nano Golf Shaft
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Accuflex Evolution Nano Golf Shaft

The Accuflex Evolution Nano has a unique design and material and truly is the best of both worlds. In the case of the Evolution, Accuflex Golf's Nano Composite technology enhancement increases the surface area of the shaft thereby creating a tighter molecular structure. This means that shafts that are enhanced with Accuflex Golf's Nano Composite technology have fewer voids in the fiber, tighter tolerances and can feature lighter weight with more fiber density. Nano Composite technology shafts are also stronger, have faster recovery with less shaft deformation while transmitting better feel.

This technology is unparalleled in a golf shaft and the Evolution is Revolutionizing Golf. Independent feedback from a wide variety of players has produced unbelievable results. There are just as many people that tell Accuflex they have increased distance as there are people who have said they vastly increased control. The Evolution is just as unique in color as it is design and features a beautiful translucent array of colors. Available in R, S flexes.

Shaft Weight Torque Butt Diameter Tip Diameter Flex Point Launch
Length Color Swing Speed
Accuflex Evolution Nano Regular 70 2.8 0.600" 0.335" Mid-High Mid-Low 46" Orange 90mph to 105mph
Accuflex Evolution Nano Stiff 72 2.8 0.600" 0.335" Mid-High Mid-Low 46" Orange 100mph to 135mph

TIP TRIMMING (then butt trim to final length)

Wood Shaft #1 #3 #5 #7
ALL 0" 1/2 1 1 1/2

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