Acer XS HT Iron Heads

The Acer XS HT, High Trajectory, iron heads are targeted for mid to higher handicap golfers with slower swings and golfers that have more of a sweeping-type swing.  A 20% wider sole than the standard Acer XS iron heads, a lower profile, increased loft with a deeper center of gravity making it much easier to launch the golf ball in the air quickly from virtually any lie with maximum forgiveness.  The Acer XS HT iron heads are a great choice for mid to high handicap golfers looking for higher shot trajectory with maximum forgiveness.  Acer XS HT Iron specifications.

Men's custom built
Acer XS HT irons
Ladies custom built
Acer XS HT irons
Senior custom built
Acer XS HT irons
Acer XS HT Iron Heads
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