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Custom built discount golf clubs can improve your game by up to 50%. These deeply discounted golf clubs are custom built for your swing with the highest quality golf club components by our custom builders with over 20 years experience.  Top quality custom built Integra, Turbo Power, Krank, Geek, Bang, Acer, Power Play and more discount golf clubs at deep discounts.

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Many golf professionals, teachers, coaches and trainers say that your game can improve by up to 50% if you use golf clubs that are custom fit to your swing characteristics.  It is not just professional golfers or low handicap players that gain an advantage with clubs that fit their swings, although they do.  Tiger can shoot par with a set of junk clubs if he was paid to.  The higher handicap player, 85 to 105 shooter, is the player that will see the the most dramatic improvement in their game with golf clubs that actually fit them.  IN Golf can sell these custom built golf clubs at these prices because we are a small company that does not have the huge overhead of a Ping, Callaway, TaylorMade  or Nike.  We don't pay players to play our golf clubs on tour or advertise in all the magazines, radio and TV or have the large corporate structure to support.  We are a small company established in 1987.  In the 1980s and 1990s we primarily sold golf equipment to golf shops on golf courses and discount stores like Supreme Golf, Nevada Bob's etc..  In 1997 we decided to start selling directly to the consumer on the web and passing on the price savings.  When you buy discount golf clubs and golf equipment at IN Golf it is the same as buying from a discount golf shop or a shop on your local course only with out paying the middleman.

When buying custom built golf clubs it is important to take several factors into account including the size of the club, weight of the club, flex of the shaft.  This may be determined by following our Custom Fitting Instructions or by calling our professional club fitters at 1-800-359-2404 Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM EDT or by e-mailing  All golf clubs are custom built for you.  We build your golf clubs to your specifications once we get your order, that is why sometimes it take 3 to 7 days to ship your set.

We at IN Golf work very hard to supply the highest quality golf equipment and customer service.  That is what separates a small company like IN Golf and large corporations that just want to sell a golfer the newest driver one of their PGA golfers played in a tournament.  We want to supply the golfer with a golf club that is fit to him and his swing that wont break the bank.  That is what we strive for, a happy golfer.  Check out our customer service awards.

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