Geek Golf No Brainer Golf Club Component Driver Head

The aerodynamics of the Geek Golf No Brainer golf club driver head (more pictures) enhances the unique weighting design of the sole of the club. The sole weighting runs from ‘heel to toe’ directly behind the face and then runs in three heavy weighted sole muscles extending from the face to the rear of the sole significantly increasing the MOI and dropping the COG further back and upward without utilizing an enhanced ‘skirt’ on the sides and back portion of the club which in turn applies more weight where it will do the most good, concentrated on the face allowing you to drive the ball longer down the fairway.  The Geek No Brainer driver head is available in an orange/white finish or for the more traditional golfer a grey/black finish, pictured below Specifications below.

Steve Almo, of AlmoDesigns was recently quoted…”anyone can add weight to a head…you MUST incorporate the added weight into the design characteristics for optimal performance. Where you put the added weight to increase performance is key. I worked on this design for the better part of 2 years…it‘s a Monster Killer”.

Geek Golf No Brainer Driver Head
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Product Description

  • Increased head weight to muscle your drives.
  • Aerodynamically sculpted head for maximum club head speed.
  • Drastically reduced spin rate for distance & accuracy.

HEAD #1 #1 #1 #1 #1 Tolerance
LOFT 7.5° 10.5° 12° ±0.25°
LIE 59° 59° 59° 59° 59° ±0.5°
WEIGHT 206g 206g 206g 206g 206g ±2g
HOSEL O.D. 12.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm ±0.025mm
HOSEL DEPTH 37mm 37mm 37mm 37mm 37mm ±1mm
VOLUME 460cc 460cc 460cc 460cc 460cc ±5cc
FACE ANGLE sq. sq. sq. sq. sq. ±0.5°
FACE HEIGHT 62mm 62mm 62mm 62mm 62mm ±1mm
FACE WIDTH 108mm 108mm 108mm 108mm 108mm ±1mm
BULGE 11"r 11"r 11"r 11"r 11"r ±0.25"r
ROLL 11"r 11"r 11"r 11"r 11"r ±0.25"r
Face Material-------15-3-3-3 Beta Titanium
Body Material-------
90-6-4 Titanium
FINISH----------Orange/White, Grey/Black
HOSEL I. D.------0.335" coned
Free Headcovers come with each head

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