Harrison Golf Shafts
Harrison's graphite golf shafts success in long drive championships has attracted the attention of golf's elite players on the PGA and Senior PGA Tours. Over the past few years Harrison shafts have grown in popularity and usage on all Professional Tours. Harrison golf shafts have claimed 5 Wins (including 1 Major) and 51 Top Ten Finishes at Professional events in the past two seasons, and that number continues to grow weekly.

If you choose the option of having your shafts spine aligned, they will be marked with a single line on a sticker toward the butt end of the shaft.  This line marks the neutral point of the shaft and should be aligned toward the intended line of flight of your shot when you assemble your club.

Harrison Star Plus Wood & Iron Shafts
Regular price: $30.00
Liquidation Price: $18.00

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