Senior's Integra SoooLong 175 Ultra Light Weight Offset Titanium Driver

The new Integra SoooLong 175 ultra light weight titanium driver, 175 grams compared with 200 grams for most driver heads, when paired with a light weight or ultra light weight shaft (Integra SoooLong Ultra Lite 45 Gram Graphite Wood Shaft, Integra Professional SuperLite 50 Graphite Wood Shaft, Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue 45, UST V2 55, Aldila NV 55, Aldila NVS 55) and liteweight grip (WinnLite) produces a golf club driver that is significantly lighter than other drivers.  This lightness in the golf club naturally promotes a faster swing speed for added momentum when the club head strikes the ball.  The physics formula that describes this is the mass times the square of the velocity, thereby adding distance to your drives with the lighter you can make a driver.  The special heat treating process this driver face goes through makes it super hard, producing a face that is so hard that momentum is transferred to the ball when struck with significantly more magnitude to make a driver that is Soooooo Looooong that it is just crazy long.

If you would like to only purchase the head and build your own driver it may be purchased at Integra Sooolong 175 Ultra Light Weight Titanium Driver Head
Senior Integra's SoooLong 175 Offset Titanium Driver
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Product Description

Shaft Recommendations:

  • Beginners and players with a smooth controlled swing looking for distance:
    We would recommend the Apollo Standard Steel , Apollo Shadow Steel, Apollo Shadow Ultra Lite Graphite, Grafalloy ProLaunch 45 Graphite
  • Mid to high handicap players looking for control with some added distance:
    We would recommend the Apollo Spectre Steel, Aldila NVS 55 Graphite, Aldila VL Graphite, Integra I Drive Graphite, Tour Made Graphite, Harrison Star Plus Graphite, AccuFlex Acculaunch 60 Graphite, UST Pro Force V2 65 Graphite
  • Mid to high handicap players looking for distance with some added control:
    We would recommend the  Apollo Shadow Steel,  Aldila NVS 45 Graphite, UST ProForce V2 55 Graphite, Integra I-Drive Tour Lite Graphite, UST Pro Force Micro Ply Series MP5 Graphite, Integra SoooLong Ultra Lite 45 Graphite
  • Experienced players with a strong swing:
    We would recommend the Apollo Balistik Steel,  Aldila NV 55 Graphite, Integra Professional SuperLite 50 Graphite, UST Pro Force AXIVCore Tour Blue 59 Graphite, Integra MOI Graphite, House of Forged Patriot Whup-n-Shaft Graphite

HEAD #1 #1 #1 Tolerance
LOFT 9.5° 10.5° 12° ±0.25°
LIE 58° 58° 58° ±0.5°
WEIGHT 175g 175g 175g ±2g
HOSEL O.D. 12mm 12mm 12mm ±0.025mm
HOSEL DEPTH 36mm 36mm 36mm ±1mm
VOLUME 460cc 460cc 460cc ±5cc
FACE ANGLE 1°cl. 1°cl. 1°cl. ±0.5°
FACE HEIGHT 60mm 60mm 60mm ±1mm
FACE WIDTH 95mm 95mm 95mm ±1mm
BULGE 12"r 12"r 12"r ±0.25"r
ROLL 11"r 11"r 11"r ±0.25"r
MATERIAL-------15-3-3-3 Beta-Titanium
HOSEL I. D.------0.335"

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