Lamkin Golf Grips

Lamkin Golf Grips

When the Lamkin family went into business in 1925, it was for two basic reasons. The first reason was love. The love that any purist has for the game and spirit of golf. The second reason was obsession. A driving obsession to make nothing less than the finest golf grips in the world.

Every product - from the original Lamkin Leather wraps to the Perma-Wrap Classic, the renowned Crossline, and now the Dual Density Torsion Control - features the technical innovation and exacting performance standards that are the hallmarks of Lamkin. That's why Lamkin has been the chosen grip supplier for nearly every major club manufacturer, and the preferred grip of professional golfers worldwide.

Today, this is still a Lamkin family business. And as long as that name is on the door, we'll have the same reasons for doing what we do

Lamkin R.E.L. Golf Club Grip Colors

We are adding the Lamkin R.E.L. golf grips in some of their new colors. We would like to have your input as to which colors and sizes you are most interested in. We will be adding 5 new Lamkin R.E.L. grips to our line of Lamkin Golf Grips. If you would take our survey SURVEY CLOSED we will add the top five vote getters.

Cut of time for voting is July 1st and the additional grips will be available approximately one week later.

Thank you for participating in our Lamkin R.E.L. Color Grip Survey.  Our results are listed below.   Red is by far the most popular followed by a pack of colors and options in the 9% to 11% range.  We will be adding the top 6 vote getters to our line of Lamkin Grips.
Color or Option % Place lamkin rel color golf grips
Red 14% 1st
Blue 11% 2nd
Midsize Black 10% 3rd
Green 10% 4th
White 10% 5th
Orange 9% 6th
Neon Blue 6% 7th
Yellow 6% 8th
Purple 6% 9th
Midsize 360d 5% 10th
Gray 5% 11th
Neon Pink 3% 12th
360d 2% 13th
Undersize Black 1% 14th
Undersize Neon Purple 1% 15th

A large majority of requests made in the comment section were for a variety of midsize, oversize or jumbo grips in as many options as possible.  I will be researching suppliers to find the best deals on larger than standard color grips.  Thanks again for participating in our fact finding survey.  We will be conducting more surveys in the near future to find out how we can better serve you.