Available in 2 sizes 8 oz kit (2-4 oz bottles) or 64 oz kit (2-32 oz bottles).

Pro-Fix 20/20 16 Ounce Shaft Bonding Epoxy
Pro-Fix 20/20 16 Ounce Shaft Bonding Epoxy
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Product Description

PRO-FIX 20/20 forms a tough off white bond line that provides very high impact resistance and shear strength. The two component adhesive is mixed 1:1 by volume and has a 20-30 minute work life and a 20 hour cure at room temperature.

This product is our best seller because of its outstanding performance and versatility. Pro-Fix 20/20 gives aerospace quality bonds at an affordable price.


1 Dispense equal amounts of part A & B by volume.

2 Mix thoroughly until product has a uniform color.

3 Thoroughly coat the inside of the hosel with a round dowel or suitable applicator.

4 Spread a thin layer over the tip prepared (grit-sanded) shaft. Examine for complete coverage.

5 Insert shaft into hosel with a slight twist and align. Clean excess adhesive off with alcohol towelete. Leave undisturbed to cure.

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