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The swing weight of a golf club is a ratio of the head weight to the total weight of the golf club.  This figure can tell a golfer how heavy or light a golf club will feel during a swing.  The swing weight scale runs from A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, B0 ... and up, A0 being the lightest.  The old standard is a swing weight of D2.  As shaft and grips have gotten lighter and golf clubs longer the standard swingweight has varied over time.  Today standard swing weights vary from a C7 to a D2 for standard length golf clubs.   If a person orders longer than standard clubs the swing weights will necessarily be heavier than standard, that is why longer than standard golf clubs should be assembled with the lightest possible shaft to keep the swing weight in range.  If you are changing a golf club in any way the general rules are the swing weight will change 1 point for every 2 grams of head weight change, will change 3 points for every 1/2 inch change, will change 1 point for every 5 grams of grip weight and will change 1 point for every 9 grams of shaft weight.  For instance if you have a golf club with a swing weight of D0 and you add 4 grams of lead tape to the head the swing weight will be D2.  If you then shorten the golf club by an inch the new swing weight would change from D2 to C6, 6 points lighter.  If you then change the grip from a 50 gram weight grip to a 25 gram grip the swing weight would increase 5 points to D1.  Their are many factors that determine the exact swing weight of a golf club.  These include everything from the exact weight distribution of weight in the shaft, the center of gravity in the head, the lie angle of the head and many more.  All of these variables make any specific swing weight figure an approximation, whether by the above rules or by using the swing weight calculator below.

You may use the swing weight calculator below to get an approximation of the swing weight of a golf club from the golf components used.  This calculator uses a simplified formula to calculate a swing weight.  By entering the weight of the head, length of the golf club, weight of the uncut golf shaft, grip weight and the length of the raw uncut golf shaft you will get a good estimate of the swing weight of the golf club.

Head Weight grams
Club Length inches
Shaft Weight grams
Grip Weight grams
Raw Shaft Length inches

Swing weight measurements are approximations and will vary depending on slight variations in shaft weight distribution.

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