Turbo Power Lazer XL Fairway Wood Head

The Turbo Power Lazer XL woods are designed with an aerodynamic crown to promote faster clubhead speed for more distance.  The Turbo Power Lazer XL fairway woods have the latest variable face thickness technology with a cup face design that insures maximum distance and with the new sculpted sole design of the Turbo Power Lazer XL fairway woods you can strike the ball solidly and with confidence from any lie you might find yourself.  The Turbo Power Lazer XL fairway woods are designed for increased stability, forgiveness and distance, supplying you with confidence on those long shots from the rough or fairway.

Turbo Power Lazer XL Fairway wood Heads
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Product Description

  • Aerodynamic crown for increased club head speed.
  • Sculpted sole structure for ease of play from all lies.
  • Increased stability & control..
HEAD #3 #5 #7 Tolerance
LOFT 15° 18° 21° ±0.25°
LIE 56° 56.5° 57° ±0.5°
WEIGHT 210g 220g 225g ±2g
HOSEL O.D. 12.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm ±0.025mm
HOSEL DEPTH 32.5mm 32.5mm 32.5mm ±1mm
VOLUME 185cc 180cc 175cc ±5cc
FACE ANGLE sq. sq. sq. ±0.5°
FACE HEIGHT 36mm 36mm 36mm ±1mm
FACE WIDTH 73mm 73mm 73mm ±1mm
BULGE 10"r 10"r 10"r ±0.25"r
ROLL 10"r 10"r 10"r ±0.25"r
MATERIAL-------17-4Ph Stainless Steel
HOSEL I. D.------0.335"

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