Turbo Power Z2.0 Fairway wood

The new Turbo Power Z2.0 fairway wood has enhanced internal sole weighting which moves the center of gravity lower in the head which produces a higher trajectory shot with less spin.  Along with the enlarged hitting area and the thinned crown structure the Turbo Power Z2.0 improves forgiveness and increased distance.  The Turbo Power Z2.0 fairway wood has a low center of gravity producing a low spin, high launch shot for added distance and control.

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Turbo Power Z2.0 Fairway woods
Item# CL-SH-Z20-A
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Sale price: $33.00
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Product Description

  • Low center of gravity for ease of play.
  • Internal weighting system for enhanced forgiveness.


HEAD #3 #5 #7 Tolerance
LOFT 15.5° 18.5° 21.5° ±0.25°
LIE 58° 58.5° 59° ±0.5°
WEIGHT 210g 220g 225g ±2g
HOSEL O.D. 12.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm ±0.025mm
HOSEL DEPTH 32mm 32mm 31mm ±1mm
VOLUME 205cc 185cc 160cc ±5cc
FACE ANGLE sq. sq. sq. ±0.5°
FACE HEIGHT 39mm 38mm 37mm ±1mm
FACE WIDTH 76mm 76mm 76mm ±1mm
MATERIAL-------15-5Ph Stainless Steel
HOSEL I. D.------0.335"

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